Welcome to our SPECIAL DEALs area

Here you will be able to find special LBN deals, at a fraction of the price for demo probes.

These deals are typically for probes which we do not have on stock yet – and therefore the lead time is longer than our normal terms for the Webshop. For these special deals the lead time is approx. 3 weeks. Therefore, please note that for these special deals, we will not be able to ship the same day or next working day.

How to get this special deal:
When you purchase these probes you are getting on a waiting list, we check if the probe is still available for stock at this special LBN deals price - we confirm within 5 work days and if the probe is not available we are not drawing any money from your account.

Warranty for our special deals will be 30 days unless otherwise stated under the specific probe.

If you need any assistance with your purchase, do not hesitate to contact us at


Philips L18-5

3.700,00 EUR

Philips S12-4

2.100,00 EUR

Philips S8-3

3.000,00 EUR

Philips VL13-5

4.000,00 EUR

Philips X6-1

2.700,00 EUR
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