Siemens ACUSON X700 2.0 OB/GYN - Refurbished

16.500,00  EUR
The Siemens ACUSON X700 2.0 - Refurbished
This Siemens ACUSON X700 2.0 is a excellent choice if you are looking for a functional and comfortable system with great imaging technologies.

The ACUSON X700 2.0 is known for processing more information at a higher speed, which enable the system to provide better diagnosis in shorter time. It comes with brand new probes and therefore we can provide a fantastic package at a fraction of the new price.

Model: Siemens ACUSON X700 2.0 - Refurbished
Warranty: Box Refurbished with 12 months parts warranty

Standard Options:
  • Dynamic TCE™ Tissue Contrast Enhancement technology
  • Advanced SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding
  • SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding
  • TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology
  • DTI™ Doppler tissue imaging
New Probes Incl.:
  • 4C1 - New
  • EC9-4w - New
New probes comes with 12 months warranty.

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