Siemens/Acuson Probes

Siemens has a very versatile portfolio of ultrasound transducers, carefully developed to ensure optimal workflow and image quality. Here we offer you to easily purchase Siemens ultrasound transducers from our large warehouse in Aalborg, Denmark. Browse through the probes below.

We ask you to contact us if you do not find the Siemens ultrasound transducers you are looking for.

All our probes are tested by our professional in-house technicians. Hereby, we sort them into two categories: Standard and premium ultrasound probes. Naturally, they are both fully functional, in a very good condition. However, the standard probes may have minor flaws that only affect the cosmetic condition. The premium probes do not, therefore, they are in an optimal cosmetic condition, and closely resemble new probes.


Siemens Ultrasound Transducers – More info

In addition to a large number of Siemens ultrasound transducers in stock, we have a variety of Siemens ultrasound machines as a part of our wide selection of medical imaging equipment.

Siemens offer complete solutions in ultrasound images and provide high-quality transducers to improve diagnostic capabilities. However, ultrasound probes are easily damages unless you handle them carefully. Therefore, we advise you to:

  • Never drop or knock them against other objects as this can damage the crystals in the probe
  • Take care around sharp or pointed objects to not damage the head or cable
  • Check that your disinfectant is compatible with the probe, as some solutions will dry out the lens
  • Store it carefully either in the holders on the ultrasound system, or in a foamed box
  • Never twist or squeeze the cable, furthermore, be careful not to run it over

To see more advice or read about what these damages will do to your image quality and patient care, see our blog post on how to protect your ultrasound probes.


Siemens 10V4

1.820,00 EUR

Siemens CW2

700,00 EUR
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