Refurbished Ultrasound

Refurbished Ultrasound Systems

We have recently launched our new product line of LBN refurbished Siemens ultrasound systems. This product line will be a perfect addition to our existing offers of used medical equipment, OEM refurbished CT scanners and ultrasound machines.

We are currently building this site; therefore, it is at the time only possible to order very few of our refurbished ultrasounds directly from the Webshop. Contact us if you want to learn more or place an order.


The new product line consists of the popular S-line series, in addition to the X700. Hereby, the products we offer are:

  • S1000 / S1000 HELX

  • S2000 / S2000 HELX

  • S3000 / S3000 HELX

  • X700

We have chosen these specifically because they are products in demand, of a very good quality. Furthermore, a narrower selection will ensure expertise and experience with our technicians performing the refurbishment. That is important to us, as we only want to offer top-quality products to our customers. All refurbished ultrasounds come with a 1-year warranty on both parts and probes, and we always use original parts. Furthermore, our goal is to be ISO certified during 2018.

Refurbished medical equipment is popular due to its good quality and condition, while still being significantly cheaper than new equipment. This allows our customers to purchase more advanced systems, with more specialized features, than if they bought new. You can read more about
ultrasound pricing in our blog post.

If you want to learn more about the difference of used, refurbished and OEM refurbished you can read our blog post.
Futher you can learn more about our new refurbished ultrasounds by watching Ultrasound Product Manager Mr. Song, introduce them in the video below.

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