Philips Probes

Philips are responsible for some of the very popular ultrasound systems, like the IU22 and the newer IE33 for cardiology. They have a wide range of ultrasound machines, and of course the ultrasound transducers to support their high-quality systems. We ask you to contact us if you do not find the Philips ultrasound transducers you are looking for.

Here on the webshop of LBN Medical you have the unique opportunity to order Philips ultrasound transducers, directly off our shelves. We have a large warehouse with a lot of ultrasound probes in stock, and now you have almost direct access.

Our offer includes probes from all the major brands, hereby also Philips. Furthermore, you can choose from standard and premium probes. They are both in a good condition and fully functional. However, the standard probes might have minor cosmetic flaws that you will be able to see on the images on the product sites. Whereas the premium probes are in a top cosmetic quality and similar to new probes.



Philips Ultrasound Transducers – More info

Our large warehouse holds a lot more than just Philips ultrasound transducers. Check out our corporate website for a full overview of
all the modalities we offer.

The ultrasound transducers that you get from us are in excellent quality and have all been tested by our experienced in-house technicians. If you want to maintain the good quality, we have a short list of recommendations for you:

  • Be gentle with your probes – as dropping or bumping it may cause damages to the crystals
  • Pay attention to the cables, do not run them over or squeeze them. This will cause noise on the image
  • Check which disinfection solutions are compatible with your probes, some may cause the lens to dry out

To get more tips on what actions to avoid, and to see it might otherwise affect the image quality, read our blog post on
Ultrasound Probe Protection.

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