Canon/Toshiba Probes

Choose from a large number of Canon ultrasound transducers from our warehouse that holds several hundred ultrasound probes. Canon is taking over Toshibas strong position within ultrasound and carries on their focus on patient care and clinical quality. If you do not find the Canon ultrasound transducers you are looking for, we ask you to contact us and we'll try our best to help you.

In the webshop you will have the opportunity to get both standard and premium ultrasound probes. They are both in a great condition and fully functional. Furthermore, the premium probes are also in the top cosmetic condition. Therefore, they are similar to new probes, and may be demo probes, that hardly have been used. Standard probes are also in an excellent working condition, however here we allow small cosmetic flaws.

You can look through the Canon ultrasound transducers uploaded, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you need other types of medical imaging equipment we encourage you to browse our corporate product site.


Advice for Canon Ultrasound Transducer Care

Though probes might seem like they are durable and tough due to their sometimes lumpy appearance, they are actually quite fragile. Therefore, probe care is of the essence if you want to maintain optimal functionality.

  • Never drop a probe, or bump it into something, as this might cause crystal damage
  • Store it securely when not in use in the designated holders on the ultrasound
  • When transporting it, use the original foamed box and always disinfect before packing it
  • Check the list of tested disinfections solutions on Canons website, that can be applied without harm

If you have any questions regarding probes you can contact us or read more in our
blog post. It will explain the most common damages on ultrasound probes and what caused them. Furthermore, it will tell how these will affect your images. Hereby, you will know what to avoid in order to maintain image quality.

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