ATL Probes

ATL probes and ultrasounds are recognized as very durable and reliable ultrasound machines and probes on the market. Even though Siemens acquired ATL ultrasound in 2000, the company’s products continue to be widely used, including the ATL probes.

If you are looking for high-quality pre-owned ATL probes for your ultrasound, you can find them at LBN Medical. However, we ask you to contact us if you do not find the ATL probes you need in our online store.

We also have a big inventory of used ultrasound systems and we can help you keep those systems in a great condition with our ultrasound parts and probes.

ATL Probes - Tips You Should Follow When Buying an Ultrasound Probe

We have a few tips to follow when buying an ultrasound probe:

  • Double check if the probe you want to buy is compatible with the system you own.
  • Penetration depth increases at lower frequencies (between 2.5 and 7.5Mhz), however, the drawback of the low frequency is a lower image quality.
  • The higher the frequency (above 7.5Mhz), the lower is the penetration depth, but you get better image quality near the surface (7.5MHz = 20cm).

Watch out:

  • A black line on the ultrasound screen may indicate that the probe has a dead crystal inside.
  • And a shadow on the ultrasound screen could mean that the probe has a weak crystal inside, which does not produce the necessary vibration.

For tips on how to maintain the good quality of your ultrasound probes, such as the ATL probes, read our blog post about Ultrasound Probe Protection.

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